Organization Committees

General Chairs

Randal A. Koene (USA)               Xiaowei Tang (China)             Jean-Daniel Zucker (France)

Program Chairs

Z. Shi (China)                        Paul S. Rosenbloom (USA)           Udo Ernst (Germany)

PC Committee

A. Aamodt (Norway)
G. Li (China)
F. Neri (Italy)
X. Tian (China)
H. Wei (China)
C. Zhang(China)
X. Zheng(China)
F. Battaglia(Netherlands)
S. Ding (China)
L. Li (China)
G. Pan(China)
S. Vadera(UK)
J. Weng (USA)
L. Zhang(China)
C. Zhou(China)
G. Bi (China)
J. Liang(China)
B. Si (Israel)
G. Wang (China)
S. Wu(China)
J. Zhu (China)

Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences