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Intelligent  Info Processing

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£­ Zhongzhi Shi
£­ Bo An
£­ Member
IntSci Research
Intelligent Systems
Intelligent Applications
£­ Agent Grid Intelligece PlatformAGrIP
£­ Agent Grid Emergency Interactive System GEIS
Contact Information

Director: Prof. Zhongzhi Shi
Tel£º  86-10-82610254, 86-10-62600534
Fax£º 86-10-82610254

Lab Address£º
    New Building Room #534, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Kexueyuan Nanlu #6,  Zhongguan Cun

    Haidian District,


Postcode£º 100190
Mail address£º
    Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

    Kexueyuan Nanlu #6, Zhongguan Cun, Haidian District,

    P.O. Box 2704

    Beijing 100190


Web Site£º en/

Contact Persons:

  • Director£º Prof. Zhongzhi Shi,
  • Agent  and Semantic Computing Group£º            Prof. Bo An,              Tel: 86-10-62601343
  • Machine Learning and Data Mining Group£º        Prof. Qing He,        Tel: 86-10-62600542
  • Image Processing and Cognitive Informatics£º Prof. Hong Hu,     Tel: 86-10-62600505
  • Office:                            Lanping Hu            Tel: 86-10-62600543                            
  • Site Manager£º           Jianhua Zhang, Tel: 86-10-62600537


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