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Welcome to Intelligence Science Lab

    Intelligence Science Lab, led by Prof. Zhongzhi Shi, is engaged in exploring and creative researches on fundamental theory and advanced technology of Intelligence Science, such as intelligent agent, machine learning, neural computing, cognitive science, as well as intelligent technology and system, mainly containing knowledge engineering, decision support system, content-based multimedia information retrieval.
    The aims attempt to explore new concept, new theory, new methodology of intelligence science and new computer system. Its tenet is to build a democratic, open, free and cooperative environment of academy research; to attract elitists at home and abroad; to intensify academic intercommunion; to advance discipline intersecting; and to provide a necessary guarantee for full exertion of innovation and creativity of researchers.
    We are going to reach the first level of the world in theoretic research of intelligence science; to make important innovations of advanced technology; to accumulate knowledge, innovate technology, and cultivate talents for long-term development of national information technology. We have good experiences for international cooperation. We sincerely wish more scientists of intelligence science join us and develop joint project.

Research Progress  

  • Intelligence Science
         -published book "Intelligence Science", elementarily constructed the framework of Intelligence Science
         -proposed a framework for perceptual learning
         -proposed a algorithm for efficient coding in visual perception
         -proposed an improved texture spectrum method
         -proposed a model of consciousness machine
         -proposed a tolerance granular space model
         -proposed quantifying method for Gestalt perceptual organization
         -proposed a Globally Connected and Locally Autonomic Bayesian Network (GCLABN)
  • Semantic Grid
         -proposed Dynamic Description Logic (DDL)
         -proposed a framework for Agent Grid
         -propose an ontology-based knowledge management mode
         -proposed a semantic web service framework
         -proposed a distributed data mining strategy
         -proposed autonomic unit structure and mechanism for adaption
  • Internet Intelligence Platform AGrIP
         Knowledge Management is an important part of Business Intelligence,Internet Intelligence Platform AGrIP will raise efficiency and competition of enterprises.
  • Emergency Interactive and Social Comprehensice Service System GEIS
         We develop Emergency Interactive and Social Comprehensice Service System GEIS in terms of agent technology and communication
  • Research on intelligent computation model in terms of Perceptual learning and linguistic cognition
    National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) has approved the project entitled Research on intelligent computation model in terms of Perceptual learning and linguistic cognition as a more important project.

  • Applications of Data Mining in Pertroleum Exploration
    Accoring to the international cooperation agreement between Australia and China Goverments, Australia Academy of Sciecne and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Zhongzhi Shi, Guohe Li and Ping Luo visit University of South Australia for the joint project entitled Data Mining for Well Log Analysis in Petroleum Engineering. Prof. Robin King who is Pro vice Chancello and Vice President of UniSA, and Prof. Andy Koronios who is Head of School of Computer and Information Science meet with them and discuss how to promote the cooperation. Joint project with UniSA.

  • Joint Research on Metacomputing and Autonomic Computing
         Under Australia ARC international link grant Prof. Zhongzhi Shi visited University of Wollongang, Australia for joint research on Metacomputing and autonomic computing. University of Wollongang has decided to adopt multiagent environment MAGE developed by Intelligence Science Lab as a platform for developing infrastrucuture of metacomputing. Next month Haijun Zhang will go to University of Wollongang for 2 month in order to research on metacomputing and autonomic computing. Joint project with University of Wollongang.

  • China-Russian Joint Lab for Neurocomputer and Applicatios has been built
         Prof. Galushkin who is the director of Scientific Centre for Neurocomputer, Russian Control System Agency, visits Intelligence Science lab in April 9, 2004. There are a good cooperation between him and Prof. Zhongzhi Shi more than 6 years. During his visit China-Russian Joint Lab for Neurocomputer and Applications has been built. China-Russian Joint Lab for Neurocomputer and Applications.

  • Multiple strategies data mining platform MSMiner and Intelligent search engine GHunt have been passed the evaluation
    Multiple strategies data mining platform MSMiner and Intelligent search engine GHunt have been passed the evaluation. Experts claim that above systems have reached advanced international level in knowledge discovery theory and technology. Evaluation meeting.

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