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Intelligent  Info Processing

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Agent Grid Intelligece PlatformAGrIP
Agent Grid Emergency Interactive System GEIS
Intelligent Systems

    It is a system that learns during its existence and resolves problems to reach its objectives by applying expertise knowledge and experiences.

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  • Developing Tools


    Agent Grid Intelligence Platform AGrIP

    Ontology-based Knowledge Management  KMSphere

    Multiagent Environment MAGE

    Data Mining tool MSMiner

    Intelligent Search Engine GHunt                Introduction(PPT)

    Expert System tool OKPS                             Introduction(PPT)

    Intelligent Decision Support System IDSS

    Multimedia Information Retrieval System MIRES

    Sea Fish resource forcast System Fisher            Introduction(PPT)

    Agent-based e-Business                                         Introduction(PPT)

    Intelligent Decision Support System Development Platform IDSDP            Introduction(PPS)

    Model Base Management System MBMS

    Connective Expert System tool ONESS

    Constrain Reasoning tool COPS

    Case-Based reasoning tool CBRS

         Application Cases Study

    Agent Grid Intelligence Platform AGrIP
    Emergency Interactive GEIS
    Intelligent Service Environment MISE
    Comprehensive Social Information Service Platform

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