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      Cognitive informatics studies intelligent behaviour using computing technology in terms of updated research efforts and progresses of brain science and neural science. We can view it as a branch of cognitive science. From the point of view informatics, we can divide it into external and internal information processing. Previous information processing is focuses on external information processing. Cognitive informatics is going to research on the internal information processing mechanisms and natural intelligence in the brain. It is expected that the investigation into cognitive informatics will result in fundamental findings towards the intelligence essence and new generation of information technology.

        Brain science points out that perceptive lobes have special function separately, the occipital lobe processes the visual information, the temporal lobe processes auditory information, the parietal lobe processes the information from the somatic sensors. All of three lobes deal with information perceived from the physical world. Each lobe is covered with cortex where the bodies of neurons are located. Cortex consists of primary, intermediate and advanced areas at least. Information is processed in the primary area first, then is passed to intermediate and advanced area.

       Comparing with computer system, the brain is same as hardware and the mind looks like software. The mind contains perception, rational, consciousness and emotion. Cognitive informatics will investigate basic issues, such as learning, memory, thought, language, and neural computing.

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