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Prof. Zhongzhi Shi



    Professor at the Institute of Computing  Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, graduated in computer science from the Graduate School of University of  Science  and Technology  of China in 1968, and graduated in  computer  science from  the University of Science and Technology of China in  1964. From  1968  till 1980 he was with the Department of Information Storage and Database Systems at the Institute of Computing Technology,  Chinese Academy of Sciences, first as leader on  research  group then as vice director. He spent the years of 1980, 1981  with the Department of Computer and Information Science at the Ohio  State University  as  a visiting scholar and the years of 1982,1983 with the College of Business and  Management, University  of Maryland as a visiting scholar. From 1989 to 1990 he has  visited Erasmus University Rotterdam as a visiting professor. In October 1995, August 1997 he visited City University of Hong Kong as a research fellow. In October 1999 he visited National University of Singapore for joint project research. From Match to May 2005 he gave lecture on data mining course at the University of South Australia. Now he is director of the Intelligence Science Lab and  a supervisor of Ph.D. students at the Institute of Computing  Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has supervised 6 Postdoctors, more than 50 Ph.D. and more than 100 Master students.

    Professor Shi's research and teaching interests are in the areas on  on intelligence science, distributed intelligence, machine learning, neural computing and data mining. He has published 11 monographs, 12 books and more than 400 research papers in journals and conferences. 1992 he published the monograph Principles of Machine Learning in English. His most recent monographs are Intelligence Science and Knowledge Discovery, written in Chinese. He has won a 2nd-Grade National Award at Science and Technology Progress of China in 2002, two 2nd-Grade Awards at Science and Technology Progress of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

    Professor  Shi is also active in professional activities. He is a senior member of IEEE, ACM and AAAI member, a Chair for the WG 12.2 of IFIP. He serves as a Vice President for Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, Executive president of Chinese Neural Network Council. During 2006 he is selected as Chair or Co-Chairs of Program Committee for ICCI2006, ICAI2006, PRIMA2006, ASWC2006, ICIIP2006.


Prof. Zhongzhi Shi

      Department of Intelligent Computer Science

      Institute of Computing Technology

      Chinese Academy of Sciences

      P.O. Box 2704

      Beijing 100080, China

Tel:  (o) 86-10-82610254

       (h) 86-10-82522201 

Fax: 86-10-82610254 


Date of birth:  12 September, 1941 

Place of birth: Jiangsu, China


Sex:    Male




  1964-1968  Graduate student in the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences,

             Major Area: Computer Science and Technology

  1959-1964  Undergraduate  student in Computer from the University of Science and

             Technology of China (USTC), Beijing




    2003-      Director of Intelligence Lab, Institute of Computing Technology, CAS

2000-2003  Executive Director of Intelligent Information Processing, CAS

1994-2000  Director, Dept. of Computer Science, Graduate School (Beijing), USTC

    1993-1998  Director, Intelligent Computer Science Open Laboratory, Institute of                      

             Computing Technology, CAS

    1990-1993  Professor, National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems,  bsp;

             in  charge  of  projects   for intelligent  environment, machine 

             learning, neural computing, advanced database technology, intelligent

             decision systems

    1989-1990  Visiting Professor, research and education on AI and Neural Computing

             at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, and

             Trondheim  University, Norway.

    1986-1990  Associate Professor, Vice Director of the Department V, Institute of 

             Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in charge of

             projects for artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering, intelligent

             decision system, database systems

    1983-1986  Vice  Director of the Department V, Institute of Computing Technology,

             Chinese Academy of Sciences, in charge of projects for knowledge                 

             engineering, intelligence computer, database system.

    1982-1983  Visiting Scholar, work by Prof. S. Bing Yao, College of Business and

             Management, University of Maryland, College Park, in charge of  project 

             for developing XDB DBMS, Form System.

    1980-1982  Visiting Scholar, Department of Computer and Information  Science, 

             The Ohio State University, Columbus, for developing of extensible 

             database management  systems using  multiple  minicomputers.

                 Professor David K. Hsiao is the principle investigator of this project.

    1968-1980   Vice  Director of the Department V, Leader of research group, Institute of

              Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, in charge of              

              research on information storage, automatic test systems,       

              database machines.


Current Research Interests:


             Intelligence Science

             Distributed Artificial Intelligence

             Machine Learning and Data Mining

             Neural Computing

             Advanced Database Technology

             Intelligent Decision Systems

             Multimedia Information Retrieval


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