Accepted papers list

Mohammad Reza Nami. Formal Specification of Autonomic Elements Using RSL

Limin Chen and Zhongzhi Shi. Collaboration in Agent Grid Based on Dynamic Description Logics

Huifang Ma, Zhixin Li and Zhongzhi Shi. Combining the Missing Link: an Incremental Topic Model of Document Content and Hyperlink

cai Guangjun. Requirement Driven Service Composition: An Ontology-Based Approach

wenjia niu, quansheng dou, xu han and zhongzhi shi. Multi-agent and Workflow-based Web Service Management Model

Dapeng Zhang, Fen Lin, Changlin Wan, Zhongzhi Shi and Heqing Huang. Mining Hot Clusters of Similar Anomalies for System Management

Tore Bruland, Agnar Aamodt and Helge Langseth. Architectures for Integrating Case-Based Reasoning and Bayesian Networks

Liang Chang. Extend Atomic Action Definitions of DDL to Support Occlusions and Conditional Post-conditions

Laura M. Cannas, Nicoletta Dess¨¬ and Barbara Pes. A Filter-based Evolutionary Approach for Selecting Features in High-Dimensional Micro-array Data

Guang Jiang, Cungen Cao, Yuefei Sui, Han Lu and Shi Wang. A General Approach to Extracting Full Names and Abbreviations for Chinese Entities from the Web

Zhiwei Shi, Bin Wang and Zhongzhi Shi. Using Global Statistics to Rank Retrieval Systems without Relevance Judgments

Yuming Shen, Yue Ma, Cungen Cao, Yuefei Sui and Ju Wang. Preservative translations between logical systems

Wawta Techataweewan. Adaptive Web-Based Instruction for Enhancing Learning Ability


Nikolaos Lagos, Frederique Segond, Stefania Castellani and Jacki O'Neill. Event Extraction for Legal Case Building and Reasoning

Samad Valipour Shokouhi, Agnar Aamodt and P?l Skalle. Applications of CBR in oil well drilling ¡®¡¯A general overview¡¯¡¯

LiJun Guo and JieYu Zhao. A Novel Distribution of Local Invariant Features for Classification of Scene and Object Categories

Khaled Shaalan, Ashraf Hendam and Ahmed Rafea. An English-Arabic Bi-Directional Machine Translation Tool in the Agriculture Domain: A Rule-based transfer approach for translating expert systems

yue ma, yuming shen ,yuefei sui and cungen cao. The description logic for relational databases

Quansheng Dou, Kailei Fu, Haiyan Zhu, Ping Jiang and Zhongzhi Shi. Associated Clustering and Classification method for Electric Power Load Forecasting

Quansheng Dou, Shasha Liu, Ping Jiang, Xiuhua Zhou and Zhongzhi Shi. Two Improvement Strategies for PSO

Yizhi Liu, Shouxun Lin, Sheng Tang and Yongdong Zhang. Adult Image Detection Combining BoVW Based on Region of Interest and Color Moments

Yuming Wu, Cungen Cao, Shi Wang and Dongsheng Wang. A Laplacian Eigenmaps Based Semantic Similarity Measure between Words

Bin Zhao, Guangjun Cai and Zhi Jin. Semantical Approach for Service Oriented Requirements Modeling

Ping Qin, Zhongxiang Zhang, Hualing Gao and Ju Wang. Attribute Exploration Algorithms on Ontology Construction

Cao Yanan. Extracting Comparative Commonsense from the Web

David Calder. Multimedia Speech Therapy Tools and Other Disability Solutions as Part of a Digital Ecosystem Framework

Puteri Nohuddin, Frans Coenen, Rob Christley and Christian Setzkorn. Detecting Temporal Pattern and Cluster Changes in Social Networks: A study focusing UK Cattle Movement Database

Stephanie Chua, Frans Coenen and Grant Malcolm. Rule Learning With Negation: Issues Regarding Effectiveness

Liao Zhuhua, Yang jing, Fu chuan and Zhang guoqing. Integrating Web Videos for Faceted Search based on Duplicates, Contexts and Rules

Mohammad Saleem, Paul.W.H. Chung and Shaheen Fatima. Intelligent Business Transaction Agents for Cross-Organizational Workflow Definition and Execution

Maria Mach and Mieczyslaw Owoc. Knowledge granularity and representation of knowledge. Towards knowledge grid

Lai Yang and Zhongzhi Shi. An Efficient Data Indexing Approach on Hadoop using Java Persistence API

Shusaku Tsumoto, Shoji Hirano and Hidenao Abe. Automated Empirical Selection of Rule Induction Methods based on Recursive Iteration of Resampling Methods

Hidenao Abe and Shusaku Tsumoto. Mining Temporal Patterns of Technical Term Usages in Bibliographical Data

Xingjuan Cai, Zhihua Cui and Zhongzhi Shi. Particle Swarm Optimization with Watts-Strogatz Model

Urmila Shrawankar and Vilas Thakare. Noise Estimation and Noise Removal Techniques for Speech Recognition in Adverse Environment

Shervin Shahidi, Navid Nasr Esfahani, Parisa Mazrooei and Mohamad Saraee. Proximity User Identification Using Correlogram

Jing Zhou and Zhongzhi Shi. Unstructured P2P-enabled Service Discovery in the Cloud Environment

Zhenhua Duan and Cong Tian. Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation and Incorporation into Class Diagrams

Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science