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 Workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience           

Beijing, China, October 13-15, 2005

      This workshop at the International Conference on Neural Networks and Brain



     Intelligence Science is a cross discipline which dedicates to joint research on basic theory and technology of intelligent behavior by Brain Science, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence and others. The workshop provides a forum for scientists in academy, university and industry to present their latest research findings in any aspects of cognitive neuroscience. This time we especially encourage papers on perception, learning, memory, language and selective attention.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

Perceptual learning

Perceptual representation

Perceptual organization

Learning model

Memory mechanism

Synaptic plasticity

Brain dynamics

Neural field theory

Functional connectivity in brain


Paper Online Submission: please follow the guide at

Workshop Chairs:

   Zhongzhi Shi (China)  

Technical Program Committee:

N. Bredeche (France)

Huisheng Chi (China)

Fukang Fang (China)

A. Galushkin (Russian)

Aike Guo (China)

Xiaowen Han (USA)

Tianzi Jiang (China)

Siwei Luo (China)

Xing Tian (China)

Li Yao (China)

Shiwei Ye (China)

      Liqing Zhang (China)


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