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Prof. Georg Gottlob Visits Intelligence Science Lab

Oct. 25 Prof. Prof. Georg Gottlob Visits Intelligence Science Lab and gives a lecture.


 Corporate decision making relies more and more on data available on the
 Web. Wrapper technology is used to extract structured data from
 unstructured or poorly structured Web sources of continually changing
 content and to automatically input this data into corporate information
 systems. This talk gives a survey of the Lixto Web data extraction project
 and describes the interaction beteween theoretical and practical research
 issues of this project. The talk will address issues such as: Logical
 foundations of data extraction, visual and logical languages for web
 wrapping, complexity of tree pattern matching, integration of information
 stemming from different Web sources, successful industrial applications of
 the Lixto system, and issues for future research. Lixto is a project of
 the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) which gave rise to the spin
 off company Lixto Software GmbH ( This talk describes joint
 work with Robert Baumgartner, Sergio Flesca, Marcus Herzog, and Christoph

 Georg Gottlob is a Professor of Computer Science at the Technical
 University of Vienna, Austria, where he currently chairs the Informatioin
 Systems Institute. His research interests are database theory (in
 particular, query languages), Web information processing, constraint
 satisfaction problems, nonmonotonic reasoning, finite model theory, and
 computational complexity. On the more applied side, he supervises a number
 of industry projects dealing with expert systems and with multimedia
 information systems. He is a co-founder of the Lixto Software Corporation.
 Gottlob got his Engineer and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from TU
 Vienna, Austria in 1979 and 1981, respectively. He holds his current
 position since 1988. He received the Wittgenstein Award from the Austrian
 National Science Fund is a full Member of the Austrian Academy of
 Sciences. He recently chaired the Program Committee of ACM PODS 2000 and
 is the Program Chair of IJCAI 2003.

   °ŮProf. Gottlob visits Intelligence Science Lab°£

    °ŮProf. Gottlob gives a lecture°£

    °ŮProf. Gottlob and Prof. Zhongzhi Shi°£




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