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Prof. Jean-Luc Koning Visits Intelligence Science Lab

Oct. 16  Prof. Jean-Luc Koning Visits Intelligence Science Lab and gives a lecture.

Abstract: In this invited talk, I will present a system for representing interaction protocols called POS which is both Turing complete and determine a complete semantics of protocols.  This work is inspired by the Structured Operational Semantics in programming languages.  I will precisely define POS and illustrate its power on extended examples. POS is a general agent conversation protocol engineering formalism that has proved efficient for the design of communities of software information agents.  I will also show that POS is also valuable for robotic agents which have to operate in real time, like in the case of robot-soccer.  It shows how an inherently symbolic abstract system like POS can be neatly integrated with agents whose internal architecture is reactive and relies on bottom-up behavior-based techniques.


Biography: Sep. 1987 _ Oct. 1990 Ph.D. in Computer Science, _Handling antagonistic decision rules for knowledge base systems_, University of Toulouse, France. Sep. 1985 _ June 1987 M.S. in Computer Science, _Use of Markov models for phonetic decoding_, University of Toulouse, France. Sep. 1982 _ June 1985 B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Toulouse, France. Research and Teaching Experience Positions Vice-Director LCIS research laboratory, INPG, France. Dean of Education Computer and Network Engineering Department, Esisar, France.

Full Professor Technological University of Grenoble (INPG), Department of Computer Science, Research scientist Carnegie Mellon University, school of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, USA, (1990_1992).

   Prof. Koning gives a lecture.

    Prof. Koning Gives an invited speach at IIP2004.

    Prof. Koning and Colleagues of Intelligence Science Lab.

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