About the summer school

The 2013 international summer school on autonomous agents and multi-agent systems will be held on August 9-12, 2013 (right after the IJCAI conference) at the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China. The summer school will focus on some very important areas in autonomous agents and multiagent systems, including:
  • Agent Cooperation
  • Agent Reasoning
  • Agent Coordination
  • Agent Theories, Models and Architectures
  • Mechanism Design
  • Game Theory
  • Learning and Adaptation

The summer school will consist of 6 mini-courses (each roughly 3-4 hours long) given by distinguished speakers in the field of autonomous agents and multiagent systems (see sidebar). The mini-courses can serve as an introduction to the field but will focus on the research frontier.

Students and researchers interested in multi-agent systems research are welcome to attend the Summer School. Student registration is FREE and selected students from under-represented areas will receive travel support. Please see the detailed instructions on how to apply.

** The deadline for application has expired. For students and researchers who still want to apply for the summer school, please follow the Application Instructions. We will process late applications at our discretion. Please note that the application for travel support is no longer available.