Wu bin


Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory
Institute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Science
Beijing, China, 100080


E-mail: wub@ics.ict.ac.cn
Homepage: wu bin
Phone: (86-10)62565533-5689
Fax: (86-10) 62567724


Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Software and Theory , September 1999 – July 2002

Institute of Computing Technology, CAS, China

Advisor: Prof. Zhongzhi Shi

Major Area: Decision Support System and Swarm Intelligence

Master Degree, Computer Software and Theory, September 1994 - July 1998

University of Science & Technology of China, Anhui,China

Advisor: Prof. Zhongzhi Shi

Bachelor Degree, Wireless Telecommunication, September 1987 - July 1991

Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication , Beijing,China


Machine Learning, Decision Support System, Swarm Intelligence, Ant Algorithms, Data Mining, Intelligence Information Processing ,Artificial Intelligence


The title of my dissertation


Research on Swarm Intelligence and its Application in Knowledge Discovery


    Participate several National and Foundation Projects, which mainly focus on    machine learning, data mining, decision support system and swarm intelligence.


  • Programming: C/C++, Java, MPI ,NOTES


  • Wu Bin, Zheng Yi, Liu Shaohui, Shi Zhongzhi,CSIM: A Document Clustering Algorithm Based On Swarm Intelligence, accepted by 2002 World Congress on Computational Intelligence, Honolulu,May,WCCI2002
  • Wu Bin, Shi Zhongzhi , “An Ant Colony Algorithm Based Partition Algorithm for TSP”,The Chinese Journal of Computers,Vol.24,No.12,Dec.2001,pp1328-1333..
  • Wu Bin  Fu Weipeng  Zheng Yi  Liu Shaohui  Shi Zhongzhi,A CLUSTERING ALGORITHM BASED ON SWARM INTELLIGENCE FOR WEB DOCUMENT, accept by Journal of Computer Research &Development
  • Wu Bin, Shi Zhongzhi , “A Clustering Algorithm Based On Swarm Intelligence,IEEE International Conferences on Info-tech & Info-net,Bejing,ICII'2001
  • Wu Bin, Zheng Yi, Fu Weipeng, Shi Zhongzhi, “A Customer Behavior Analysis Algorithm based on Swarm Intelligence”, China Annual conference on Artificial Intelligence, CAAI, Beijing, 2001
  • Zhongzhi Shi, Bin Wu, Qing He, Xiujun Gong, Shaohui Liu, Yi Zheng, IDSIS: Intelligent Document Semantic Indexing System, accept by the 17th IFIP World Computer Congress, Montreal, August, 2002

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