Hi! How are you! I'm Zhang Sulan, a PhD candidate in  Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

Now Intelligence Science Lab is the site where i work and study. Intelligence Science Lab, led by Researcher Zhongzhi Shi, is engaged in exploring and creative researches on fundamental theory and advanced technology of Intelligence Science, such as intelligent agent, machine learning, neural computing, cognitive science, as well as intelligent technology and system, mainly containing knowledge engineering, decision support system, content-based multimedia information retrieval.  The website is http://www.intsci.ac.cn/en/index.html.

Research interest

  • information processing
  • data mining, web mining
  • artificial intelligence
  • perception learning
  • computer vision


      2004.6 ~ --      :   PhD Candidate,  Institute of Computing Technology, CAS

                                Major Area:      Machine Learning , Data Mining, Perception learning
                                   Advisor:            Prof. Shi Zhongzhi

                 2001.9 ~ 2004.5: Master, University of Science and Technology  Beijing 

                                  Major Area:      Data Mining , Web Mining
                                  Advisor:            Prof. Yang Bingru

                 1989.9 ~ 1993.6: Bachelor, Hebei University

                                  Major Area:      Computer Science

Selected papers

   [1] Sulan Zhang,Zhongzhi Shi. Research and Application in Web Usage Mining of the Incremental Mining Technique for Association Rule. IIP2004

       [2] Sulan Zhang, Qing He, Zheng Zheng, Zhongzhi Shi.  Automatic Subject Indexing of Chinese Documents.   IEEE NLP-KE2005

       [3] Sulan Zhang, Chunqi Shi, Zhiyong Zhang, Zhongzhi Shi. Geometric Structure Based Image Clustering and Image Matching. ICCI2006.

       [4] Sulan Zhang, Chunqi Shi, Zhiyong Zhang, Zhongzhi Shi. A Global Geometric Approach for Image Clustering. ICPR2006.

       [5]Zhongzhi Shi, Sulan Zhang. Case-based Introspective Learning.  IEEE ICCI 2005

       [6] Zhongzhi ShiYouping Huang, Sulan Zhang. Fisher Score Based Naïve Bayesian Classifier.  ICNN&B2005           

       [7] Zhiyong Zhang, Chuan Shi, Sulan Zhang, Zhongzhi Shi, “Stock Time Series Forecasting Using SVM Employing Analyst Recommendations”,ISNN2006

   [8] Qing He, Xiurong Zhao, Sulan Zhang, Zhongzhi Shi.Multi-Modal Services for Web Information Collection Based on Multi-Agent Techniques. ISNN2006

Contact me

      Sulan Zhang 

          Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing,
          Institute of Computing Technology,          
          Chinese Academy of Sciences

          P.O.Box 2704-28 , Beijing 100080                                                          

           Tel: 86-10-62565533 ext.5689 (Lab)

          Email: zhangsl@ics.ict.ac.cn

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